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Yoga 101

What is yoga? ~ The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj", which means "to yoke", or to unite. Yoga is both a physical and energetic practice that links breath work with movement of the physical body. There are many different styles of yoga; however, the most common are Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. Yoga has continued to evolve over the many thousands of years that it has been practiced. Yoga can be modified to fit a variety of fitness levels, and assist in relief from some of the most common ailments in our current society. Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and increases strength and flexibility. Yoga energizes our bodies and calms our minds.

Benefits of Yoga ~ The benefits of yoga are truly limitless.  Numerous scientific studies have supported extraordinary connections between the practice of yoga, and physical and mental wellness.  Some of the most common benefits of yoga include:

  • Increase flexibility, strength, body awareness, and muscle tone

  • Stress Reduction

  • Strengthens the nervous system and calms the mind

  • Improves concentration

  • Supports bones strength and development

  • Supports cardiovascular health by helping to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and your resting heart rate

  • Decreases anxiety










Vinyasa ~ Vinyasa is a style of yoga that links physical movements, with the movement of the breath. Music will be woven into this practice.

What you need to bring? ~ Yoga is in a lot of ways, a practice of simplicity! Please just bring a yoga mat and water to help you hydrate after class. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely and enjoy your practice!

What to expect ~ Yoga is typically practiced in a quiet space to invite a deeper connection into the self; however, The Lotus Yoga is a place where you can be YOU! We try to not take ourselves too, seriously. If you laugh, cough, or say something that is eloquently woven in sarcasm…….we welcome that! At the conclusion of each yoga practice, we will enter savasana (aka….mindful relaxation, usually resting on the back of the body). This is a time for you to close your eyes (if that’s comfortable), relax the mind, and rest the body.

Yoga Etiquette ~ Because The Lotus Yoga is designed in a manner to promote Holistic Wellness, please consider the following:


  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class start time (we won’t lock you out if you’re running late; however, please just be mindful of your other yogis)

  • Please turn your cell phones and other electronic devices OFF or on SILENT.  Please leave them with your other belongings so that you can gain the most from your practice (We promise…..that text will still be there when you’re done practicing)

  • Remove shoes upon entering the studio

  • Please put all props away when you finish practicing

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