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Love and ALL is Coming!

About The Owner

“My mission as a teacher is to create a space where ALL students can explore the practice of yoga freely, creatively, and without judgment.  In our current society, it’s too easy to criticize ourselves, not take care of our bodies, and forget how beautiful we truly are.  The Lotus Yoga is a space for total body wellness…..a space for self-acceptance…….a space for love!”




Betsy (Manson) Moore completed her 200 RYT Training at Yoga on High, in Columbus, Ohio.  She completed her Sekoia™ certification in May of 2015 and was the first teacher to share this practice outside of Yoga on High and the city of Columbus!  Betsy graduated from Piqua High School in 2006, and went on to Urbana University to obtain her Bachelors of Science in Psychology, as well as Special Education.   


Betsy rarely takes herself seriously.  Humor and lightheartedness can almost always be found in her classes. She continues to find inspiration through her surroundings: family, students, music, books, and nature. Betsy is a wife, teacher, yogi, and devoted animal lover.  She is a Science Intervention Specialist at Graham High School and currently resides in Urbana with her husband, and two dogs. Betsy is honored, and incredibly humbled to be able to share her passion for yoga and Holistic Wellness with the community of Urbana! 

Yogi Testimonials

I adored Betsy from the moment I met her last June. I love that her husband practices with us too - and never fails to make us laugh. Class is fun and upbeat, and the music is always awesome. I leave class every week feeling rejuvenated.

~ Miranda 

The first time I came to class at The Lotus, I had no idea what to expect. It didn’t take five minutes before Betsy had me feeling comfortable and like I could actually do this yoga thing. I find myself looking forward to Tuesday nights at the Lotus with my friends!

~ Angie 

The Lotus has given me my life back!  When I first started I could barely bend my knee, climb stairs or walk the park.  Betsy teaches us “do what makes us comfortable” and I do what my body is able and willing to let me do.  You should see me now…I can climb the stairs, I can bend my knee on the floor and I am back to walking the park, with my dog Addy!  

~ Lisa 

For some unknown reason the Lotus Yoga just seemed to be the right place for me to try yoga. Now I know it was the best decision for me.  Betsy is such a wonderful teacher. There is no judgment just encouragement to explore and grow with yoga. Betsy helps each person to accept themselves as they are and lets you know it is ok to take time for yourself. 

~ Denise 

I know that when I'm at The Lotus, I can be me!  Betsy talks about our beauty within us and accepting our imperfections.  I love the laid back/fun atmosphere and I enjoy being around all the beautiful ladies and Whit too!  We encourage each other and they inspire me to be a better person inside and out.

~ Krissy 

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