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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga & Religion

Many have this question before entering a yoga practice, and it’s totally OK! Yoga is a philosophy, not a religion; therefore, there aren’t any conflicts between practicing yoga, and your desired religion. Yoga is a completely non-judgmental practice. Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist……..come as you are!

Do I have to be flexible?

Oh my goodness, NO!  Honestly, yoga is nothing at all about touching your toes, wearing tight yoga pants (although I do love my Lululemon pants….), or being able to contort your body to “said” pose.  Yoga is about what you learn as you practice ~ mindfulness, self-acceptance, balance, and love!

Just for girls?

Many have this misconception!  Yoga is for EVERYONE!  Both men and women can benefit from a yoga practice!  When you come to The Lotus Yoga, you’ll see all kinds of yogis!

Isn't yoga just stretching?

Do you “stretch” in a yoga practice.......sure!  But in all actuality, yoga can be a serious workout!  That being said, yoga can also be a restorative practice where the body and mind can connect and relax. There are a variety of styles when practicing yoga: some are gentle, and others are super intense.  With the variety of class offerings at The Lotus Yoga, you’ll be able to find the pace and rigor of instruction that is just right for you!  Not sure about what class is right for you….. just contact us and we will lead you in the right direction!

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