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Class Offerings

Listed in Order Of Intensity

(Gentle to Rigorous)

General Pricing

  • Drop-in Class: $12

  • Student Price (High School/College):

    • $8 drop-in

      • Please just bring your Student ID!

Private Session Pricing

  • $50 per student

    • $15 per additional student

  • 6 Session Package: $270

    • ($45 per session)

  • 10 Session Package: $400

    • ($40 per session)


Lotus Flow

Rooted firmly in our studio’s mission, this class is the epitome of an ultimate Lotus experience.


A creation of all things “Lotus”, this class was mindfully crafted to cultivate balance between sensation and breath.  In this flow inspired class, yogis experience a set series of asanas and their counterparts alongside the breath, all to encourage a release from the the things that no longer serve us. A 70 minute practice, Lotus Flow is accompanied by music and various asana (pose) modifications to invite a deeper connection with the self. Here, we are creating ample space to build both inner and outer strength, flexibility, and mindfulness as we travel through life, and the practice of yoga. These elements are designed to awaken the senses, elevate body awareness, and invite harmony within the body.

No bells, no whistles here……..just classic movements and breath!

ALL Levels

This class is specifically tailored for ALL yogis of various practice levels! ALL Levels is a creative, graceful, and mindful yoga flow that blends the foundations of yoga, with breath-linked movement and a deep understanding of the physical and energetic body. This 70 minute class is accompanied by music, essential oils, and various asana (pose) modifications to invite exploration and a deeper connection with your yoga practice. Asana (pose) sequences are created in order to build strength, flexibility and mindfulness. These elements are specifically entwined to awaken the senses, elevate awareness in the body, and invite balance within the body.

Level 2

At The Lotus, Level 2 is designed and structured specifically for yogis who are well versed and comfortable with the foundations of a yoga practice!  Level 2 will guide you on a journey that elongates the muscles, releases fascial tension, and challenges the frontiers of the physical and mental body.  Students will encounter an energizing and stimulating 70 minute practice, woven with mindfulness of body alignment and breath work. Modifications and advanced variations of yoga poses will be explored. This style uses a variety of poses and sequences to create heat, increase heart rate, burn calories, and create space to detoxify the mind and body.  

Private Session

Private Sessions allow you to have a one-on-one experience that is specifically tailored to your yoga wants and needs.  This individualized option is perfect for the yogi with a hectic schedule, those who are recovering from a severe injury, or students who want a personalized experience to jump-start their yoga journey!

Team and Corporate Yoga

Want to give your athletes or employees the gift of wellness?  Schedule a 30 minute or 1 hour session for your team or employees!  We will provide props and a limited number of mats.  You can schedule at the studio, or we can come to you! Contact for pricing options that are available!

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